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  • Islam Abdou

Top 10 Benefits Of Swimming!

Any physical activity is good for you. We were created to move, we once had to hunt for our food but now we now live in a moveless world, a world that encourages us to just not move and as convenient as it might be, it is also deadly!

We at Fit4life are here to make you Fitter, Healthier and Happier and we want you to do any kind of sports, anything to get the blood flowing, but here our top 10 reasons why everyone on this earth should learn how to swim and adopt swimming as a workout.

1. Swimming Is Both Cardio And Strength Training.

In swimming if you are not moving you are sinking, so you are constantly moving to keep yourself afloat. You also move your entire body to stay above water. The water is also much heavier than air - 800 times heavier - thats a lot of resistance that will help you develop upper and lower body strength.

2. Swimming Is Great For Your Lungs.

When you're face is underwater, you have no oxygen so your body begins to adapt and use the oxygen in your lungs more efficiently. Your lungs learn to take cleaner O2 with every inhalation and expel more CO2 with every exhalation.

Studies have shown that swimmers have better Tidal Air Volume (the amount of air that moves in and out of the lungs during relaxed breathing) compared to runners. This results in lower resting heart rates, lower blood pressure, and - as you'll see next - better running performance.

3. Swimming Makes You Younger.

Studies have shown that swimming affects blood pressure, cholesterol levels, cardiovascular performance, central nervous system health, cognitive functioning, muscle mass, and blood chemistry, making you feel and look younger than your friends who share the same age!

4. Swimming Is Easy On The Impact.

Swimming is the best workout for injured athletes as there is no high force on the joints in any way. You can have one of the most brutal workouts ever and it will be overall easy on your joints. Also the continuous stretching required in swimming is great for treating back pains and injuries.

5. Swimming Will Make You A Better Runner.

Although most swimmers hate running, swimming actually makes them better runners. This is due to the better lung efficiency they have.

6. It Slashes Stress.

As any exercise will do wonders for your endorphins levels, swimming has its own special healing powers. As you are submerged in the water, your sensory levels are decreased, all the noise that constantly surrounds us is blocked, you can hear your own thoughts and think more clearly. Swimming has been used in studies to cure individuals with chronic stress disorders.

You are truly only one swim away from a good mood.

7. Swimming Works Underworked Muscles.

At what time during the day are your arms over your head? Probably never! Well in swimming that’s where your arms belong, activating major shoulder and back muscles as well as your biceps and triceps.

You also develop your core and lower back muscles needed to keep you stabilized during your swim.

8. Swimming Makes You Smarter.

Studies have shown that blood flow is increased to the brain by up to 14% when we are submerged underwater and these studies are showing that water based exercises help improve blood circulation better than their land based workouts.

9. Swimming Improves Overall Physical and Mental Wellness

It replaces dead brain cells. It boosts your mental health and mood. It maintains proper glucose levels. It improves your bone health. Reduces the risk of heart disease. It burns around 500 Calories per hour. It builds lung power.

10. Swimming Opens Up New Experiences.

Think diving, open water fishing, snorkeling, all these experiences are better and safer when you know how to swim. Swimming is indeed a necessary life skill for everyone and an awesome workout!


To Start Learning Swimming download our Fit4life Egypt app and get started today!

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