February 20, 2018

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In this series we will explore together all aspects of a good stroke. We will break down all the building blocks of a strokes and analyze them separately and discuss how we can make each component better in every way.

Today, we will discuss the building block of any str...

If you think training only is what gets you to be a top performance athlete, think again!

One of the most important factors that must be taken into consideration is RECOVERY. What happens after the workout is what makes you stronger, better and more energized for your n...

Why Practicing Swimming Will Change Your Life!

Do you ever feel weak ? Can't finish your workout ? Can't workout to begin with ? If you answered yes to any of these questions then probably it's what you are eating. Proper nutrition is vital to achieve your fitness results. 

At Fit4life, we know the importance of nut...

In swimming, the flutter kicks in the base of half of the strokes - Freestyle and Backstroke - It is also a great exercise to work your lower abs.


  • Start by lying flat on your back.

  • Raise your legs 10-15 cm of the ground and start kicking.

  • Mak...

The more intense our workouts are the more healthy and sustainable nutrition is needed to aid in muscle growth, fat loss and overall fitness level improvement.

Of all the foods on God's Earth, The Avocado, rises to the very top of the Superfood list.


We all know what squats are and they have become a trend more than a workout but the question is "are you doing them correctly and why should you do them at all? "

This is one exercise that should be a part of virtually everyone's routine, as it's relatively simple to p...

One of the most important and essential techniques to master is the side breath. A lot of beginners will struggle with this technique as it seems unnatural to them but once mastered it will make all the difference in their speed and style.



Oats is one of the healthiest foods in the world. Be sure to add this super food to your meal plan. It boosts energy, protects skin, supports weight loss, boosts heart health, reduces colon cancer and many more.

PREFERRED TIME : Breakfast, it will keep you full for hour...

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