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Our Swimming and Fitness classes are suitable for all levels. Fit4life is for the fit family who cares for their well-being and wants to adopt a healthy living. With a wide array of services for both kids & adults, we have something for every member of the family. If you're looking for a challenging and positive experience, you've come to the right place. Whether you're looking to learn a new skill, weight loss, general fitness, conditioning or competition, we'll get you there.


Our identity is correlated to 3 corners: Swimming, Fitness, Nutrition, which we believe, together create the perfect cycle for being fit and getting in shape. Our main mission is to create an increasing community of athletes and to raise awareness about the importance of sports, especially swimming, in our everyday lives. Established since 2016, we now have two locations across the area of 5th Settlement and one in Heliopolis that cater to all our services.


We specialize in coaching people with Aqua phobias, and we have coached and taught over 1500 athletes in the past 4 years. We focus on changing the mind before changing the body. Our approach is concentrated on community building and creating a healthy positive environment. Continuously educating our coaches & athletes, applying more hands on coaching & effective programming is our number 1 priority.


I have a phobia from the water, can you help me?

We are specialized in training people with aqua-phobias. We trained over hundreds of people who were afraid to even put their face in the water. We work with our athletes on feeling comfortable in the water, incorporating a lot of breathing exercises to manage their heart rate, while adding a lot of water safety drills to ensure that our athletes can manage themselves safely in the water. Our coaches patiently work with you with your pace until you feel confident and capable in the water more and more each day.

I have an injury, will swimming help?

Swimming is the least impact sport, offering the most suitable workout if you are suffering from a joints/back injury. In most cases, swimming would be recommended by your doctor or physiotherapist as part of your recovery from the injury since it's a low-impact aerobic workout that relieves pressure on the joints and spine, while exercising the muscles in the back. However, each case is different and you need to take the green light from your doctor that you can practice swimming. If you're cleared by your doctor, our coaches will work with you to avoid putting more pressure on your injury while strengthening the areas around the injured part to help you feel better and relieved.

Will I be able to swim freestyle in 12 sessions?

There isn't a magic number under which you will be able to swim freestyle in perfect technique. Each person has his own pace of progress and it also depends on your start point. However, the keyword here is Consistency. Swimming consistently will help you  to retain the skills you learn and continue to improve. It will also aid in improving your lung capacity and accordingly will make you feel more at ease while swimming. Lastly consistency is very important in developing your muscle memory, which will make you reproduce the motions and skills you learn without conscious thought, which will enhance your swimming level greatly.

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