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Our kids swimming school was created with the intention of building the champions of tomorrow . We start them from the youngest age, and raise them the #Fit4lifeway to bring out a generation of world class swimmers. We take pride that all our coaches were raised all their lives as swimmers and champions, and so accordingly, they will be a great addition and influence in our little ones lives.

WHAT: We offer both group and private training sessions, starting with water safety drills & training and getting into learning beginner strokes until they perfect their technique in all four strokes. One thing all these levels focus on, is the fun component. No matter the age, we always make sure our kids have fun while learning.

WHO: All kids starting age 3

3yo - 4yo: Train private

4yo - 5yo: Max 2 kids per coach

5+yo: 3 - 6 kids per coach (depending on level)

WHEN & WHERE: All week round (except Friday) in 5th Settlement (BMC) starting from 3:30PM - 7PM.

*Schedule will be determined after assessment based on the level & availability


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