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Fit4life was created with one vision in mind, to make your lives Fitter Healthier and Happier.


Our mission is to create an increasing community of athletes and to continuously raise awareness to the importance of sports — especially swimming — in the everyday lives of all Egyptians.



Adults Swimming

Get to learn the skill of a lifetime, coached by certified, national swimming champions. 

Whether you are a beginner or a pro we have the right training for you. And remember, it's never too late to start!

Kids Swimming

Changing the way kids learn and train swimming. We're building the champions of tomorrow, starting them young and raising them the Fit4life way!

Being taught by the best coaches, who have been raised all their lives as swimmers and champions.

Adults Fitness

Our fitness sessions incorporate cross-training methods and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) in addition to focusing on strength and cardio workouts. We have classes for all levels, plus classes that are swimming specific to help you reach your goals no matter what.

Private Swimming

Have a tight schedule and want the option of more flexibility in your training timing? Prefer privacy & undivided attention in your training? Offering private training for all levels, making your swimming journey easier than ever!

Online Personal Training


Nutrition is the central pillar on the path to being fit. Proper nutrition is crucial to reach all your fitness and weight loss goals. It is not about eating less, it is about eating right.



Want to kick start your weight loss journey?We're here to help you out, offering you a wide array of challenges & programs covering swimming, fitness & nutrition, and focusing on transforming not only the body but the mind as well.

Looking to train remotely? We have a variety of online programming that will fit your need, varying from swim training, strength & conditioning for swimming or body building. Train wherever you are and stay Fit For Life.

Professional team, amazing venues and most importantly, a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you are a beginner, preparing for a triathlon, iron man or Ocean-master, they’ve got your back. Two years with them and counting 


Dina Sayed, 2020

Perfect place for swimming whether learning or improving yourself, they are experts.
You learn new things about yourself each time you go, just trust the process.


Aisha Farrag, 2018

For me they are the best in swimming and fitness field, I used to do sports professionally and for fun since I was five actually they add to me more than I thought, I love the friendly atmosphere, dedication and the system.


Mohamed Abubakr, 2018

Never thought I'd ever enjoy a work out until I joined, let alone be committed to one. It's actually becoming an addiction, always motivated by the friendly and dedicated coaches. Fit4life makes my day three times a week, it's definitely worth it! i finish the workout feeling refreshed more than anything.


Ola Noureldin, 2016

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