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If you like gymnastics, ballet, diving, dancing & swimming, then SYNCHRO is the sport for you.

Whether you are an Ex-synchro swimmer or want to learn the magic behind this beautiful sport, we got your back.


WHAT: Our training consists of dry land workouts that include, flexibility, ballet, gymnastics, dance, yoga, endurance, cardio & strength workouts, and also water drills to introduce thebasic positions and formations

WHO: Females, both beginners & ex-synchro swimmers

Synchro Fun: Open for beginners who wish to learn the beauty of Synchro in a fun & easy way

Synchro Pro: Open for intermediate levels & ex-synchro swimmers who are really passionate about synchro, with a competitive spirit and wish to become professional synchro athletes and perform in professional competitions

WHEN & WHERE: In 5th Settlement (BMC) 

*Check Instagram for our full updated schedule