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Top 5 Swimmers Of All Time !

Swimming is probably the best sport ever. It has countless benefits. Below are the top 5 swimmers of all time to excel in this amazing sport.


Mark Spitz:

  • Born on the 5th of February 1950.

  • 7 Olympic Gold Medals.


Mark is an American 9 Time Olympic Champion. He is a world record for seven events, an achievement even the great Michael Phelps didn’t quite match. Spitz believes that winning isn’t everything but swimming is!


Ian Thorpe:

  • Born on the 13th of October 1982.

  • 5 Olympic Gold Medals.


The Australian swimmer was the most successful athlete in Sydney 2000. His first Olympic gold medal was in 400 meters freestyle where he broke the Olympic record by almost 4 seconds. The Olympic record was 3:44:65 and Ian's time was 3:40:59.


The 34 years old former swimmer used to define losing by getting out of the race knowing you could have done better and not by getting the second or third place, according to his standards, never lost a race!


  Ryan Lochte:


  • Born on august the 3rd 1984

  • Total of 12 Olympic Medals with 6 of them Gold.


Ryan is one of those swimmers who trains for the four strokes he doesn't have a favorite. The American Swimmer fears no event and likes to compete in all events. 


He is a real fighter and loves to challenge himself, he's been in four Olympics till now and is planning to go on for the fifth as well in 2020.


According to Ryan, he could be having the worst day but once he sets his foot in the water he is at home and at peace.


Matt Biondi:


  • Born on October the 8th 1965.

  • 11 Olympic Medals, 8 of them Gold.


Matt Biondi can be considered The Scientist of Swimming. The American swimmer taught us about the distance per stroke when at the time every one thought that it is all about getting your butt from here to there as fast as possible.

He worked measuring on how effective a full efficient stroke can get you and how less strokes per pool can decrease your score.


He also taught us how to draft in open water events not to get frustrated getting hit accidentally by other swimmers

Matt now works as a math teacher.               


Last but not least..


Michael Phelps:


  • Born on June the 30th 1985

  • The Most Decorated Olympian of All Time with total of 28 Olympic medals, 23 Gold.


In Sydney 2000 he was just 15 and qualified in the 200 meters butterfly he was the Youngest Male Olympian the United States had presented in nearly 70 years


At the age of 7 Phelps was still afraid to put his head in the water so his instructor allowed him to float around on his back so not surprisingly the first stroke he mastered was the backstroke!


In 1996 Phelps began dreaming of being a champion. He met his coach Bob Bowman when he started training at The North Baltimore Aquatic club at the Meadowbrook Aquatic and Fitness Center where Bowman immediately recognized his talents and began with him an intense training regime.


Phelps set the world record for the 200-meters Butterfly, becoming the youngest male swimmer in history (at 15 years and 9 months )to ever set a world swimming record.


Michael believes that, you can't put a limit on anything the more you dream the further you will get.

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